The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem

Menopause Awareness – A Celebration of Choice

In the ten plus years that I have been focusing my expertise in women's health on menopause I have thankfully seen many positive changes.
Positive changes that include:
  • Awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance that menopause is indeed an important life change
  • Attitude shifts from menopause is 'a change to be dreaded' to menopause is a 'life passage that can be embraced'
  • An abundance of education and information made available to women on ways to move through this life passage in a gentler, kinder way - physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Acknowledgement by the medical community that "One Size Fits All” hormone therapy is an antiquated method of treatment
  • Awareness, attitude, abundance and acknowledgement all have the common thread which leads to choice. So what are the choices that women now have that was not available ten years ago?
In celebration of September being named "Menopause Awareness Month” the following is a sample of the many new choices that I'm aware of and am really excited about.
  • Pharmaceutical grade hormone therapy is now available in many doses (much lower than before) and in many forms (pill, patch, spray, gel, vaginal ring, vaginal tablet, and vaginal cream.
  • Compounded Bio-Identical hormone therapy continues to be available and growing strong in spite of the bad press and pressure some pharmaceutical giants are trying to put on them.
  • Complementary and Alternative therapies to relieve bothersome symptoms of menopause are gaining in popularity and use.
  • Sleep disturbances and their long term side effects are now being recognized and acknowledged by the medical community and safe, natural remedies are available over the counter for women to try instead of prescription sleep aids.
  • Female sexual dysfunction that occurs in midlife is now being acknowledged. Better treatment options and choices will be available soon.
  • Heart disease is no longer considered a "man's disease," however early detection and treatment is still in an infant stage.
  • Osteoporosis screening & detection at age 50 rather than 65 is now considered standard.
  • Breast cancer detection and treatment options have made great strides.
  • Ovarian cancer early detection still eludes us however the availability and use of trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women at high risk are becoming standard of care.
Regardless of how Menopause Awareness Month has come about there's no denying it: just about everyone knows something about this midlife passage. In midlife: Feelin' Hot? is no longer a question about the weather and we have many choices for cooling off.
In closing always remember: there are many women and many choices, one size does not fit all, and when in doubt listen to your intuition and you will always choose the right path for you.
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