The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem

About Rebecca Hulem, RN, RNP, CNM, CMC

Rebecca Hulem has excelled in the field of women's health for over thirty years. Her career has included positions as a registered nurse, Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner,certified menopause clinician, and certified nurse midwife. Along the way,Rebecca has personally delivered over two thousand babies!

In 2003, Rebecca left the corporate world to start her own business as a dynamic speaker and author on the subject of menopause. She has traveled throughout the United States and Canada speaking professionally to women of all ages on how to stay healthy and sane in spite of their hormones. With a reputation as a caring, nurturing and informed woman who is truly passionate about helping other women find answers to their health issues, Rebecca has truly connected with her core audience.

Now widely known as "The Menopause Expert", Rebecca has also been interviewed by numerous media outlets, such as Fox TV News in the A.M. in Austin, Texas regarding the much talked about controversy on hormone replacement therapy for women in menopause.

Hulem’s own book, "Feelin’ Hot? A Humorous, Informative and Truthful Look at Menopause," is now in its second printing and she is a contributing author to two other books on women’s health.  The first is "Conversations on Health and Wellness," featuring Dr. John Gray, Dr. Earl Mindell and Dr. Norman Rosenthal. The second is "Changing Course: Women's Inspiring stories on Midlife, Menopause and Moving Forward", which features a motivational essay about Hulem's difficult early life and how she overcame many life challenges to get where she is today..

On a personal note, Rebecca enjoys traveling, gardening, and hiking. She has an insatiable appetite for reading and most of all,  she is a lover of life.

Rebecca's eternally positive approach to life is first to respond: "Yes, yes, yes, I can" and then figure out how! This never-ending enthusiasm and drive have given Rebecca Hulem the courage to run two marathons, attempt snow skiing, climb both Mt Whitney and Half Dome, and hike down and up the Grand Canyon three times…and all after the age of fifty!

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