The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem

What People Are Saying About Rebecca’s Seminars and Programs

"My body was not invaded by an alien life-force. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so reassured that these are indeed menopause symptoms."

- Patricia C., Thousand Oaks, CA

This is a WONDERFUL program – Every woman should make it her number one priorty to attend!”
- C.H., San Francisco, CA
"If there has been one good thing about going through menopause, it has been Rebecca's invaluable advice and continual reassurance that 'this too will pass'. Thanks, Rebecca for guiding me through this stage of my life.
- C.H., Westlake Village, CA
  “TERRIFIC – serious but funny too, I LOVED this program. Rebecca is a breath of fresh air!!”
- J.A., Boston MA
"Rebecca's coaching has helped answer for me very important questions such as:  'should I take hormones?’ 'what do I take when I can no longer take hormones?' and everything in-between. She is so reassuring and lets me know that everything that my body is going through is natural and normal and that I'm not alone. She alleviates the fear that hits you when you read all the conflicting information written about menopause. I'm very glad to have her advice and expertise to turn to.
- P. Coulter, Sedona AZ
  “Just WHAT I NEEDED TO KNOW for my patients and myself.  This class is a marriage saver!!”
- S.J., New York, NY
“Thank you so much for speaking on this much needed topic of MENOPAUSE. Your talk gave me the inspiration that I could take steps to take back control of my LIFE. I LOVE your BOOK. I have re-read it again and am now sending it to my sister.”
- B.B., Austin, TX
“Loved the HUMOR – Well organized and very well presented. Most of the CEU courses that I’ve attended have been boring, but YOU REBECCA made it so much fun, I didn’t want the day to end.  YOU are WONDERFUL.”
- M.S., Chicago, IL
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